“Warm Wishes and Heartfelt Revolutionary Salute to 99 Years’ of Incessant Struggle to Bring Unity, Justice and Prosperity to the World Community” – Wimal

Wimal Weerawansa, Chairman, National Freedom Front in a special letter to the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi JinPing has connveyed warm wishes and heartfelt revolutionary salute. Following is the full message.

Wimal Weerawansa(MP), Chairman, National Freedom Front

“Your Excellency,

Warm Wishes and Heartfelt Revolutionary Salute to 99 Years’ of Incessant Struggle to Bring Unity, Justice and Prosperity to the World Community.  

Let me first of all convey my warm wishes and revolutionary salute to Your Excellency, all past and present members of the Communist Party and the Chinese people for the indefatigable and epoch-making struggle that started 99 years ago and as a result of which the formidable Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was born on July first in 1921.      

The CCP has come a long way bravely encountering and experiencing various conflicts domestically and internationally to finally establish the Peoples’ Republic of China as one of the most advanced global super powers not only in terms of economic prowess but also in all spheres of human life.

The CCP today is a formidable and flamboyantly active political force in the world.  Some significant miles stones in this long and arduous journey can be identified for which all leaders have responded with resolute and determination. A strong regulatory foundation, begun in the early 1980s, has allowed China to recently acquire the title of the world’s second largest economy after the United States, with anticipation of becoming the biggest in the not too distant future. Recently, China became the world’s top manufacturer and the largest creditor nation in the world, and owns approximately 20.8 percent of all foreign-owned U.S. Treasury Securities.

In 2008, when the entire world was gripped financial crisis, then leaders of China   were able to steer the country in a direction which allowed economic growth and development to continue without fail. In particular, the CCP responded with the launch of its 2008-2009 economic stimulus plan. The plan focused on increasing affordable housing, easing credit restrictions for mortgage, lowering taxes on real estate sales and commodities, and pumping more public investment into infrastructure development, such as the rail network, roads and ports. Centralized planning and control allowed the country to ride through the financial crisis comfortably.

Another global challenge for which China responded most salutary and exemplary manner is the ongoing Covid -19 pandemic. While many so-called developed economies in the west have awfully failed in their efforts to control this dreadful pandemic, China not only was very successful in control and preventive measures but also came forward extending helping hand to the entire world by sending ship-loads of medical supplies;  thus showing to the world the magnanimous concerns for the world community.

Let me wish once again all the success in Your Excellency’s efforts to bring the world prosperity, unity and world peace through CCP by non-interventionist, harmonious and friendly approach with mutual respect.

Long Live CCP

Long Live Sri Lanka -China Relations

Long live China-Sri Lanka friendship and camaraderie

Wimal Weerawansa (MP)


National Freedom Front,

Sri Lanka”.    

(Main pic;    Chinese president – Xi JinPing )

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