About Us

www.lankachinatoday.lk is a dedicated online news platform that is created with the objective of disseminating accurate news related information to help boost bilateral friendship between Sri Lanka and the People’s Republic of China.

China being the most influential partner of the present socio-economic investment in Sri Lanka has launched and implemented a vast number of projects in the island in many spheres including maritime, transport and infrastructure, telecommunication, industrial, technical, education,
agricultural and a number of other sectors towards socio-cultural, socio-economic as well as socio-political well being and prosperity of Sri Lanka.

Chinese investment will not only make Sri Lanka financially prosperous but creates a path to sustainable continue with China in future developmental goals of Sri Lanka. China being the economic stronghold of the entire region has extended its developmental activities and projects
in many economies in the regions of Asia, Asia Pacific and Europe.

The objective of this web news platform is to assist, guide and help Sri Lankans to embrace Chinese investment, culture, educational inputs and other related information in a positive manner so that such accurate dissemination of information will help masses in all areas of the island to be positively acknowledged on the presence of China in Sri Lanka. The web news platform will also be a catalyst in promoting the hospitality industry between the two nations with the introduction of ample opportunities and avenues traverse through a diverse array of geographical, historical, environmental and adventure marvels in both countries.

This web based news platform with news, feature, pictorial, audio and video information on China with such objectives will act to bridge to prosper and at the same time to improve bilateral friendship towards greater diplomacy between the two friendly nations of the People’s
Republic of China and Sri Lanka.